Are Autocryptobots Credits Transferable To A Trading Exchange?

Autocryptobots credits are not a cryptocurrency and therefore can not be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Can I Get A Refund On Autocryptobots Credits?

Autocryptobots credit is used to pay automation fees. Credit is not a cryptocurrency and can not be traded or transferred. Credit is refundable if your Membership expired and you don’t want to continue. ONLY top-up with what you are expecting to spend.


Can I Long Or Short A Market Using Autocryptobots.

The simple to answer to this is no. We just support Spot Trading with our memberships . To do future trading you have to buy additional Future addon membership . In Future membership we don’t offer any refunds but in-case if you don’t make any profit we will extend your membership until you won’t get your required profit which is 2x to 3x from your actual asset .

Can I Send Autocryptobots Credits To Other Autocryptobots Users?

Autocryptobots credits are not a cryptocurrency and therefore can not be sent to another crypto wallet address. (except returned back to your accounts)

Can I send Credits To Another autocryptobots Account?

No, you can’t send credit to any user of autocryptobots.

Do I Have To Install Anything?

No, we created autocryptobots so you wouldn’t have to have a whole I.T. department to run your trading! Just Signup…

Do I Have To Transfer Profits To My Trading Exchange?

No, we don’t hold your trading funds. They stay safely in your trading exchange. All trades are executed there and all profits stay in your exchange portfolio.

Because we do not access your trading funds this is why you add credit to your autocryptobots account which pays for the expected profits.

Do I Pay Extra Fees If I Score More Profits Than Originally Expected?

No. If you are lucky enough to score more profits than ‘expected’ it’s a good day for you. Anything over expected is fee free! You are welcome. But for more Deals you need to buy Top-up

Do I Pay Fees If I Don’t Make A Profit?

If for some reason your trading bot does not make a profit. We will return the fee paid back to your autocryptobots account.

If your trading bot scored some profits but not the full expected amount, we will refund the difference to your account.
We can’t guarantee of Coin Value here . Our Aim here is to increase your Coins quantity .

Do You Have A LifeTime Autocryptobot Trading Account?

You bet we do… But it won’t be around for everyone! The Platinum Lifetime Account will stay active whilst we are in beta with the new version of Autocryptobots 2.0.

One payment and you can trade with no more trading fees from us. This is a special offer that will available by email only and fee for this service is 1 BTC. This will gave you Vip Room where you don’t have to pay 10% on your trading profit and you don’t have to renew your subscription at all .

Do You Have A Monthly Membership Option?

No, We have closed monthly Subscription option as you can’t get desired result within one month after investing in crypto .

Do You Have An Affiliate Program?

Yes, we do have an affiliate program. But that comes with a Referral campaign . Where just by bringing users you will get $$. But to fulfil this you need to contact our marketing team first.
Our marketing team email is : marketing@autocryptobots.com

Do You Have An Annual Membership Option?

Yes, we do. You can take advantage of 2 membership plans with a 20% discount compared to the Monthly membership option if you decide to pay for an annual account. Create unlimited trading bot all year round!

How Long Are Your Contracts?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

There are NO long term contracts or commitments. You can use Autocryptobots month to month, and cancel at any time you’d like! – You can choose to add Autocryptobots Credit to your account to pay automation fees on a ‘No Profit, No Fee basis’. Once credit runs out you can top-up again to continue launching new crypto bots.

I Have Questions, is There Someone I Can Talk To?

Yes, we would love to hear from you! You can email us anytime at contact@autocryptobots.com and you can also send us message from contact us form .

Is My Money Secure?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Yes, we take security seriously and as well as creating a platform that makes you money, security is also at the top of our priorities. One way we do this is that we do not hold your funds, we are a non-custodial and we never asked for withdrawal permission from your exchange! You Crypto assets always stay in your exchange account.

We never have authority to withdraw your funds and we never invest your payments in one coin to make a pump and dump scam . We just run bot algorithms on your account and you could see open orders and close orders in your exchange history. We never aim to take your hard earn money. Its just a bot service that we are providing.

What are API keys?

Application programming interfaces (APIs)

Autocryptobots allows you to integrate multiple crypto exchanges and use them all from one . To be able to trade across multiple exchanges and automated your crypto trading you need. to connect your API Keys from each crypto exchange that you wish to connect.

When generating new API keys on crypto exchanges you can decide which permissions to grant to your keys in order to access different functionalities:

  • Read Balance
  • Trade
  • Withdrawals



What Fees Does Autocryptobots Charge On Profits?

With Autocryptobots, you only pay fees on successful and profitable trades. The fee is a 10% share split of the profits. This is automatically taken out of your account credit when you start the strategy.

If you do not score profits, we will return the difference to your account.

Who Owns The Data?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

While we keep your trading strategies data to let them run 24/7 flawlessly, your exchange providers own your full set of personal data. Please refer to the Legal Terms & Condition of your chosen exchange to check their data policy.

You Don’t See Your Favorite Exchange Listed?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

If the exchange you use is one that we don’t have listed, don’t worry! It may be on our list. You can always drop us an email to contact@autocryptobots.com and we will look into it for you.


Artificial Intelligence

Use AI to help you trade and detect anomalies in crypto pairs and receive a notification when our AI detects future market movements to take advantage of. Use 5 minute and 6 hour predictions. We are not doing short term trades at the moment . But in future you will see this in your trade .

Choose Asset To End With

We run bot to accumulate Btc in simple account and in higher membership we used btc & usdt bots .

Expected Profits From Buy

The expected percentage movement you instruct your bot to act upon to buy your position.

Expected Profits From Sell

The expected percentage movement you instruct your bot to act upon to sell your position.

Launch a Trading Bot

Launch a bot – When the term ‘launch bot’ is used we are referring to  creating and starting your own automated crypto trading bot within the platform by using either the PATS or the Pre-Set Bots we created for you.

The preset bot is setup within 24-48 hours of your signup on your exchanges.

Lock-In Profit Levels

This is the expected profits you wish your bot to make before it automatically closes your positions and finishes. After it hits your profit goals you will need to create and launch a new crypto bot.

Market Pair

Two cryptocurrecny that you are trading.


PATS, Stands for your Personal Automated Trading software. This is where you create your crypto trading bots on the Autocryptobots platform.

Stop Loss

A stop–loss order is an order placed with an exchange to sell a specific stock once the stock reaches a certain price. A stop–loss is designed to limit an investor’s loss on a market position.

For example, setting a stop–loss order for 25% will limit your loss to 25% if the assets were to fall 25% below the execution price. We setup auto loss for your orders with each trade.

Trading Bot

A Trading Bot is a coded algorithm that trades financial markets automatically on pre-given instructions.

With Autocryptobots, you can have your  trading bots without the need to code or setup so that bots can trade Cryptocurrency markets 24/7 effortlessly.

Upper & Lower Restart Levels

We use these wisely in your strategy to take advantage of crypto-asset movements. This trading bot setting restarts continuously your strategy when it hits your target.

What is an API Key?

API stands for Application programming interfaces, you need API keys when you want to create a link between your account with exchanges and other software.

Once you put your API keys into Autocryptobots, you will be able to automate your trading sessions across multiple crypto exchanges without the need to move your crypto funds outside of the exchange!

To learn more about API keys, security, and how to connect them security in this post.

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

What is two-factor authentication’ or ‘what is 2FA.

2FA is an extra security layer that we use to make sure that the people trying to gain access are actually who they say they are.

When you use 2FA, potential compromise of your account are minimised. As a ‘hacker’ with only one of these factors won’t be able to unlock the account. So, even if your password is stolen or your phone is lost, having your second-factor in place is highly recommended.