Do You Have A LifeTime Autocryptobot Trading Account?

You bet we do… But it won’t be around for everyone! The Platinum Lifetime Account will stay active whilst we are in beta with the new version of Autocryptobots 2.0.

One payment and you can trade with no more trading fees from us. This is a special offer that will available by email only and fee for this service is 1 BTC. This will gave you Vip Room where you don’t have to pay 10% on your trading profit and you don’t have to renew your subscription at all .

Do You Have An Annual Membership Option?

Yes, we do. You can take advantage of 2 membership plans with a 20% discount compared to the Monthly membership option if you decide to pay for an annual account. Create unlimited trading bot all year round!

Do You Have An Affiliate Program?

Yes, we do have an affiliate program. But that comes with a Referral campaign . Where just by bringing users you will get $$. But to fulfil this you need to contact our marketing team first.
Our marketing team email is :

Do I Have To Transfer Profits To My Trading Exchange?

No, we don’t hold your trading funds. They stay safely in your trading exchange. All trades are executed there and all profits stay in your exchange portfolio.

Because we do not access your trading funds this is why you add credit to your autocryptobots account which pays for the expected profits.

Do I Pay Fees If I Don’t Make A Profit?

If for some reason your trading bot does not make a profit. We will return the fee paid back to your autocryptobots account.

If your trading bot scored some profits but not the full expected amount, we will refund the difference to your account.
We can’t guarantee of Coin Value here . Our Aim here is to increase your Coins quantity .

What Fees Does Autocryptobots Charge On Profits?

With Autocryptobots, you only pay fees on successful and profitable trades. The fee is a 10% share split of the profits. This is automatically taken out of your account credit when you start the strategy.

If you do not score profits, we will return the difference to your account.