Upper & Lower Restart Levels

We use these wisely in your strategy to take advantage of crypto-asset movements. This trading bot setting restarts continuously your strategy when it hits your target.

Lock-In Profit Levels

This is the expected profits you wish your bot to make before it automatically closes your positions and finishes. After it hits your profit goals you will need to create and launch a new crypto bot.

Choose Asset To End With

We run bot to accumulate Btc in simple account and in higher membership we used btc & usdt bots .

Stop Loss

A stop–loss order is an order placed with an exchange to sell a specific stock once the stock reaches a certain price. A stop–loss is designed to limit an investor’s loss on a market position.

For example, setting a stop–loss order for 25% will limit your loss to 25% if the assets were to fall 25% below the execution price. We setup auto loss for your orders with each trade.

Artificial Intelligence

Use AI to help you trade and detect anomalies in crypto pairs and receive a notification when our AI detects future market movements to take advantage of. Use 5 minute and 6 hour predictions. We are not doing short term trades at the moment . But in future you will see this in your trade .


PATS, Stands for your Personal Automated Trading software. This is where you create your crypto trading bots on the Autocryptobots platform.

Launch a Trading Bot

Launch a bot – When the term ‘launch bot’ is used we are referring to  creating and starting your own automated crypto trading bot within the platform by using either the PATS or the Pre-Set Bots we created for you.

The preset bot is setup within 24-48 hours of your signup on your exchanges.