In this blog post, I am going to show you how to successfully connect your crypto trading exchange to your new Autocryptobots automated trading account.

First, I want to go over real quick what an API key is and the reason we use them.

API stands for Application Programming Interface.

Why do we use API keys?

You should see an API Key as a tool that lets you access a specific set of data from everywhere. The EU made clear to banks that they have to allow customers to get their API keys to enhance transparency and trust.

Cryptocurrency exchanges follow the same regulation and therefore are allowing traders to generate API keys from their setting pages.

You need API keys when you want to create a link between your account with exchanges and other software.

To trade automatically via Autocryptobots, you need to copy/paste the API keys from the various exchanges. Once you put your API keys into Autocryptobots, you will be able to automate your trading sessions across multiple exchanges without moving your cryptos outside the exchange!

API Security:

To let you have full control over the data you want to share, each API keys set can be generated with different permissions granted to the keys themselves.

If you create your keys with “read balance” permission only, the only thing you will be able to do with the API is to read your balance.

To trade with Autocryptobots you need to grant “read balance” and “trade” permission.

You never have to grant “withdrawal” permissions to your keys so that nobody will be able to withdraw your funds from the exchange without your explicit permissions!

Now that we know more about  APIs, let me show you where we can find them and how to connect your exchanges to Autocryptobots.

Autocryptobots currently lets you connect with different exchanges. You only need to connect one to automate crypto trading, but you can, in fact, connect all and trade between all of them from Autocryptobots. There is now no need to have multiple tabs open to trade on multiple exchanges. That’s a win for us all…

Below are the exchanges currently available to connect on Autocryptobots. If you would like to connect to one of these other than Binance, click the button the view the API connecting instructions. 

If you have not already created a Binance trading account then click the button to be taken to the Binance website.

It’s time to get into it. Let’s start with one of the most popular crypto trading exchanges Binance.

You can follow these step exactly – or you can continue reading this blog post and I will keep on track and list all the steps for your to follow below.

Let’s move on.

4. If you already have a Binance account login, If you do not have an account already set up click the blue link Create A Binance Account

Once you have either logged in or created your new Binance trading account you now need to find your API key settings.

5. Click on the profile button and then click on API Management.

Binance Trading Exchange

6. Give the API key a label that you remember, we suggest you use the your name Autocryptobots so you know that these particular API keys are used on Autocryptobots Click Create!

Create API on Binance Trading Exchange

An API key can be generated with different permissions granted. We highly encourage you to generate API Key without Withdrawal Permissions Granted.

7. To generate API keys, you need to have the Two-factors authentication enabled.

You can download the Google Authentication Application available on IOS and and Android. I have all my account connect on my mobile app even Coinbase for buy and selling cryptocurrencies.

Binance Authentication for API

8. Once you put your 2-factor code in and your APIs are ready, check your Inbox, and verify your account.

Binance API email confirmation

9. Once your Key is confirmed, You will see the ‘API Key’ and ‘API Secret’. Go back to Autocryptobots >>  API Section and add your field keys.

Again Note This: We highly encourage you to generate API Keys without Withdrawal Permissions Granted.

10. Copy & Paste your  ‘API Key’ and ‘API Secret’ to into the boxes on Autocryptobots, and  ‘Submit’ and you are all set!

Time to enjoy the power of Automated Trading!

Now, you are all set to start automating your crypto trading with Autocryptobots.

To double-check that everything has worked, go to the Autocryptobots dashboard and look at the ‘Total Value’ of your portfolio. You will now see the total balance of your Binance trading exchange account.

Do you want to connect a different exchange or add multiple crypto exchanges to trade across them all from one place?

Choose one of these other exchanges we have listed and check out how to connect more exchanges to your Autocryptobots dashboard.